Eula Instructions

1. Send Redmine ticket to Nancy under Help Desk / Support section to generate a HTM from the document attached to ticket under select Mobile Support

2. Once you receive HTM back, DL to local PC

3. Find bank web farm (this will be found in the Dashboard)

4. Log into all four webfarms on either farm1 or farm2 (cfs-web-farm1 or cfs-web-farm2)

5. Go to C:\inetpub\wwroot_(bank name)\enrollment\content\themes\bank name

6. Rename eula to .old

7. Copy in new EULA (note: Must be saved with .htm extension and not .html)

8. Repeat for remaining webfarm servers

9. Test by going to their EULA page at https://<customer> and make sure the EULA is showing up without error

10. Open the .old EULA and compare to the EULA that you just opened in step 9 and make sure that the new one is in fact, the new EULA

11. Assign Redmine ticket to current SE support found on support wiki to add the EULA to source control

12. When done, let the requester know and close the ticket if no other questions arise